Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

A lot went down in 2016. The good, the bad, and the ugly. At times, the year got really tough mentally and emotionally. In the midst of all that, however, a whole lot of good happened. 

My sister ran her first 5K…

I ran my first half marathon…

I was able to run my last half marathon of the year a few months after a bad ankle sprain…

Just like in a race, there are some times when the course is more pleasant. It’s important to find things in life that make your course enjoyable. For me, fitness is one of those things. It’s my lifestyle, and much of my social interaction involves it. 

When I joined District Running Collective almost two years ago, I was excited to add yet another thing to my fitness lifestyle. It sounds cliché, but DRC is a family. This crew that started as a small idea quickly grew to a powerful and influential movement. DRC has helped me to challenge myself, allowed me to make new friends and be more social, and it has taught me to keep going. Because when life tries and knocks you down, you’re gonna have to persevere. No matter what….

Even though the crew is on a winter hiatus until early 2017, the fun and miles don’t stop. Last night, we had our annual DRC Holiday Situation, and it was amazing! We’re so used to seeing everyone in running gear, so it was nice to see everyone dressed up and relaxithere were toy donations, shoe giveaways, reindeer antlers, Santa hats, Jenga, awards and so many other things that added to the fun (Shoutout to everyone who helped plan. It was great!). 

Speaking of awards, I’m so thankful to have won the Most DRC Pride award. I talk about and promote DRC a lot outside of the crew because I love the energy. Running with DRC is a great way to accomplish something challenging while still having fun! 

I’m also thankful and humbled that DRC officially chose me as a captain last night! Accepting my jacket was definitely an honor. I’ll remember that moment for a long time to come! 
2016…You’ve been lit!